Monash finally sets things straight.

Monash management undoubtedly responds to students concerns.

Students on Monash Campus. Photo credit Laura Chitima

Monash South Africa makes students a priority, as they deliver on their promises. Many of the students are pleased with the outcome.
Last year many students were dissatisfied with the management of Monash. They did not understand why they were paying so much, as certain facilities were not provided, or were not looked after.

Various things affected students such as not having 24 hour library services available, or dealing with an untidy library. There were not enough printers and students could not access eTextbooks. There was not a Clinic on campus leaving students puzzled, as many had to seek medical assistance off campus.
Management has now ensured students have 24 hour library services, with hourly cleaning staff. Access to eTextbooks has been made available via eReserves. Printers are now available in all buildings. The Clinic is open and many students can access medical assistance on campus.

Kefilwe Matlhaga a Monash student says this has proven persistence from students is important to improve the Monash South Africa campus and campus facilities.
There is still room for improvement.


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